Dave and his father Abe Bielski.

Company Info

The Nature’s Best story begins in 1967 when Abe Bielski graduated from University of Florida with a degree in economics. Eager to get to work, Abe took a job loading trucks for a seafood distributor in Jacksonville, Florida. Over the years he worked his way up the corporate ladder and became a top national accounts seafood salesperson and later a procurement manager, while raising a son and daughter with his wife, Shirley.

Abe’s son, Dave, followed his father’s footsteps and graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Food Resource Economics and later earned a Masters Degree in Marketing. Dave took a job in medical sales and moved to South Florida. He enjoyed the relationship building but on trips back to Jacksonville he and Abe always found themselves dreaming of starting their own company. Those dreams turned into a business plan and in 2000 Abe and Dave co-founded Seafood Sales and Service, a distributor of frozen seafood in Jacksonville, Florida.

Abe used his product and buying expertise and Dave his sales skills and they made a great team. The restaurant distribution business grew but the Bielski’s always felt there was an opportunity to build a trusted broad line brand of retail packed frozen seafood. That’s when Nature’s Best was born.

Dave and Abe tackled the new project with the same complementary skills they had been using for years and Nature’s Best took off. Today, you can find our seafood in grocery stores up and down the east coast.

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Incredible taste, affordability, a diverse product line and fresh, modern branding are just some of the many reasons customers ask for Nature’s Best Seafood by name. Learn more about what Nature’s Best Seafood offers for your store or family.