Our Sustainability Pledge

Nature’s Best Seafood is deeply committed to sourcing our products from responsible suppliers. We share your concern for preserving the well-being of our planet and its ecosystem. That’s why we actively support world-wide organizations dedicated to protecting the integrity and sustainability of the world’s rich aquaculture.

Wild Caught Seafood

We remain proud to be one of the first seafood distributors in our region to be certified through the Marine Stewardship Council for the sustainability of our Ocean Caught Wild Seafood. This highly regarded certification required a rigorous, independent audit conducted by the world’s premier inspection, verification and testing company, SGS, renowned for the quality and integrity of its work. Nature’s Best continues to serve as sustainability leader in our industry showing others that you can offer high quality, fair pricing AND do well by Mother Earth.

Farmed Seafood

Nature’s Best Seafood is also an active member of the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA). The GAA’s mission is to advance environmental and social responsibility throughout the process of raising, processing and distributing aquaculture products. Through the GAA, we also support Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), which sets standards for the safe processing of farmed seafood.

Why Frozen?

The Fresh Frozen Facts

Q: When is frozen seafood fresher than fresh?
A: When it’s Nature’s Best!

Let’s face it. Unless you reeled it in yourself, you really have no way of knowing when non-frozen seafood was harvested. Oftentimes, it’s not that “fresh” after all. At Nature’s Best Seafood, we use a sophisticated method to freeze seafood in its freshest state, locking in moisture and ensuring that precious just-caught flavor. We call this “freshly frozen” and the benefits run deep.


Pull out only the individually frozen portions you need.

Save Money

Our seafood is transported more economically and efficiently than non frozen.

Earth Friendly

We promise sustainably farmed and responsibly caught seafood.


Enjoy your favorite seasonal seafood all year long.


Peak freshness locks in taste and texture.


Our seafood is a heart-healthy protein, low in sodium, fat and calories.

Our Promise To You

Our pledge to preserve and promote the welfare of the earth’s oceans and wildlife is displayed on every Nature’s Best retail package and with our contributions to sustainability.

You can be confident that Nature’s Best Seafood stands for only the highest quality, integrity and sustainability.

Seafood For Thought

Cooking With Frozen Seafood

Whether you’re a master chef or novice, it’s always helpful to know a few tips and tricks for preparing a delicious meal!

Why Frozen?

Faced with an array of fish options at the grocery store, why should you chose frozen?