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Faced with an array of fish options at the grocery store, why should you chose frozen? Frozen fish is a great way to add protein to any meal, easy to prepare and chocked full of omega-3s and vitamins. While many know these facts, there are a few other reasons why choosing frozen is great for you, your family, and the Earth:

  • Less impact on the environment: Transporting frozen fish typically has less of an environmental impact than fresh, because it can be shipped to consumers in a variety of ways.
  • Less waste: With frozen fish, you can use what you need and save the rest! Less wastes saves you money and is better for the planet.
  • Year-round variety: Frozen fish lets you enjoy the fish you want at any time, not just what’s in season.
  • Better-preserved nutrients: Today’s freezing technology allows the nutrients in frozen fish to stay in tact better than fresh fish, which has a shorter life-span from catch to customer.

Whether you’re making a meal for the whole family or just a dinner for two, frozen fish from Nature’s Best is a great addition! Click here to see our product offerings and decide what you’re making for dinner next.


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