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Whether you’re a master chef or novice, it’s always helpful to know a few tips and tricks for preparing a delicious meal! Here are some tips from our expert, Chef Dave, on cooking with frozen fish:

Skipping the Thaw:

Yes, it can be done. If you don’t want to thaw the fish, you can rinse it in cold water and cook it directly! That being said, you’ll need to cook at a higher temperature, or in foil to trap the steam if you’re baking it. If you’re pan searing the fish, be sure to coat the pan well and cover it to trap the steam here too.

The Thaw Process:

At Nature’s Best, our go-to thaw process is to rinse the fillets in cold water until thawed. Some prefer to thaw in the refrigerator overnight, which also will properly thaw your fish. Either way, be sure that if you rinse your fillets in cold water. Room temperature water or warmer can lend to bacteria growth, so keep it cool!

Know What You’re Cooking:

With the large variety of fish offerings, be sure to know how to properly prepare your chosen fillet. For example, tilapia is usually thin and will cook faster than a king fish steak. Not sure how to season or pair your fish? Check out our recipe page here and choose a delicious meal to make tonight!


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